Cascina Faletta

Regione Mandoletta, 81, Casale Monferrato (AL) +39 0142 670068 /cascinafaletta


We can’t be completely be certain, but Cascina Faletta was probably built in 1881, as shown on the ceramic plate, placed on the entrance portal. A first element that shows the will of the owners, Elena Novarino, Giovanni and Lorenzo Rosso: to preserve the traces of the past.

A meticulous renovation has allowed to   give new life to the floors and ceilings of the time. Furniture also dates back to those years. Renovation as a modus operandi testifies the respect for the soul of this farmhouse. A place that cannot ignore its history, the characters  who have lived there over time, such as Marchesa Virginia who is considered the first owner. Cascina Faletta is a place surrounded by vineyards: a document attests that already in 1957 it was awarded   500 thousand liras because it was considered a winery of excellence.

Today, as in the past, the journey into the extraordinary world of wine continues. Each bottle is a quote from the past. The love and respect for those who preceded them, did not prevent Elena, Giovanni to equip Faletta with the most modern technologies. The flagship is the automation system. A system that allows you to voice activate all the devices of the structure, from the lights to air conditioning.

Restaurant seats: 70

Number of restaurant seats per event (wedding, baptism etc..): 130

Number of beds: 10 rooms (single and double) composed of 2 beds. Possibility to add an extra bed in each room.


Elena and Giovanni, together with their son Lorenzo, continue with tenacity and passion the project of their grandparents. Their ancestors were the first to devote themselves, starting in the '20s, to look after the surrounding land. Local and international vines that today give whites, reds and sparkling wines.

Each label has its own story, starting with the logo with the 3Crossed Rifles. This choice is based on an extraordinary discovery: during the restauration, three rifles were found in one room. These were 91 Carcano models, still loaded with 6.5 calibre ammunition wrapped in the pages of the newspaper Uomo Qualunque, the head of the homonymous Movement founded by Guglielmo Giannini, dated January 1947.

Even today it is not known why these weapons were inside the Cascina. A mystery that seduces and fascinates to the point that Pinot Noir has been called 3Fucili (3Rifles).

And: Incontro, Rosso di Rosso, Braja, Baudolino, Primo Bianco and Primo Grigio reproduce the copy of the historic newspaper on the label. The Marchesa Virginia, on the other hand, is a tribute to the woman considered the first owner of the Cascina.

And then the white Myricae, so called because the homonymous collection of poems by Giovanni Pascoli depicts rural life in the fields.

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