Gran Monferrato



1° edition - 2024

On the occasion of the “2024 Monsterrando Barbera d’Asti UCI Gravel World Series” stage of the gravel world championship, the first edition of the Gran Monferrato Gravel is born: a 3-month-long initiative that allows you to challenge yourself with 4+1 routes in as many areas of the Gran Monferrato.

Between August 1 and November 1, 2024, hop on your bike and collect all the brevetti!

The Gran Monferrato Gravel is organized by the Consorzio Gran Monferrato Derthona Gavi in collaboration with Fiab Monferrato.

4 routes + 1

Challenge yourself with itineraries that wind along the same roads traveled by the greatest Monferrato champions and legends of the past.

Brevetti Passport

You can collect your passport at the GMG Points and receive a stamp for each route completed between August 1 and November 1.

Final Certificate

At the end of the adventure, you will receive a certificate with the number of routes you have completed, as a memento of this exciting experience!

The Four Routes


Fausto e Serse Coppi

107 Km | D+ 1050 m

Maximum altitude:

480 mt (Sant’Agata Fossili)

Minimum altitude:

110 mt (Bosco Marengo)

Unpaved road:

32,9 km

Compact dirt:

5,74 km


20,3 km


43,5 km


Costante Girardengo

97 Km | D+ 1.160 m

Maximum altitude:

342 mt (Castel Boglione)

Minimum altitude:

110 mt (Rocca d’Arazzo – fiume Tanaro)

Unpaved road:

54 km


177 mt


18 km


24,1 km


Giovanni Gerbi,
il Diavolo Rosso

101 Km | D+ 1.140 m

Maximum altitude:

272 mt (Tigliole d’Asti)

Minimum altitude:

114 mt (Asti)

Unpaved road:

50,7 km

Compact dirt:

2,64 km


239 m


15,2 km


31,5 km


Giovanni Cuniolo detto il Manina

105 Km | D+ 1880 m

Maximum altitude:

500 mt (Albugnano)

Minimum altitude:

150 mt (Frinco – Stazione)

Unpaved road:

29,7 km


10,3 km


63,5 km

+1: Monsterrando

The official route of the Italian stage of the UCI Gravel World Series


UCI Gravel World Series
“I Campionissimi“

157 Km | D+ 1575 m

Race pack​

Each registered participant is entitled to a Race Pack, in each Race Pack there is the Passport, the exclusive Gran Monferrato Gravel gadgets and the Gran Monferrato Card.

The Race Pack can be collected, after registration, only and exclusively at

Castello di Casale Monferrato

Piazza Castello - 15033 Castello del Monferrato (AL)

Tuesday: 14.30 – 17.30
Wednesday: 10 – 13 / 14.30 – 17.30
Thursday: 10 – 13 / 14.30 – 18
Friday: 14.30 – 18
Saturday: 10 – 13 / 14.30 – 18
Sunday: 10 – 13 / 14.30 – 18

The regulations

The period for completing one or all of the Brevetti is from August 1 to November 1. It can be completed in different periods, in stages, or in a single period of several days, and you can also choose the direction of travel, clockwise or counterclockwise.

It is possible to request an E-Bike rental and to hire Guides and Cycle Touring Escorts for the various routes indicated on the Gran Monferrato Gravel information page: A Mechanical Assistance service is also available on call, with times and methods to be agreed upon with the operator.

The Race Pack -one per registrant regardless of the number of routes that will be completed – must be collected between August 1, 2024, and November 1, 2024, before departure, exclusively at the authorized points that will be communicated on the GMG website ( from July 20 onwards and, in any case, before the start of the event.

The Race Pack consists of various Gadgets: the “Gran Monferrato Card” with a map of affiliated facilities (where you can benefit from the expected benefits), the Passport (or travel card with spaces for transit stamps, two for each route), and the Map of the 4 + 1 routes with the various “GMG Point Services” where you can request the transit stamp.

The route choice is free; it can be started with the first stamp and completed later after starting other routes. Important: To receive the finisher certificate, there are stamps of the “GMG Point Services” for each route.

We invite you to report, via the specific email indicated in the documentation inside the race pack, any sudden conditions making the route impracticable to ensure that the organization can take appropriate solutions.

We invite participants to film or photograph highlights of your bike rides, emotions, or features that impressed you and send them to your social networks by adding the official hashtag: #granmonferratogravel

At the end of one or more routes, with the two stamps for each route on the PassportPassport, you can collect the commemorative certificate of “Finisher Gran Monferrato Gravel 2024” at the authorized race pack delivery points.

The organization of the “GMG” Brevetti is not in any way responsible for accidents that may occur before, after, and during the cycling excursion or for non-compliance with one’s physical fitness. The Participant declares, also on behalf of his heirs and/or assigns, to waive any legal action against the organizer or any person physically connected to it.

Registration for the event is non-refundable, even if, due to force majeure, severe hydrogeological and structural conditions arise that may make the route inaccessible due to severe natural disasters.

Finally, the processing of personal data is authorized under Legislative Decree 196 of June 30, 2003, and Art. 13 GDPR.

The Trackers

Here, we present to you those who have not only travelled and mapped the 4 routes of the Gran Monferrato Gravel but will also verify, throughout the duration of the event, the conditions or possible changes of the terrain through their scheduled excursions to always offer you the utmost reliability of the tracks.

Stefano Scapitta

Andrea Borin

David Pastore
Di Marzo

Daniele Nebbiolo

Report a problem

If you encounter a problem on one of the Routes, please report it here.
We ask you to be as precise as possible so that we can intervene as quickly as possible. Thank you.


    Casa Coppi

    Visitando la casa museo si respira l’aspetto più intimo e riservato dell’esistenza di Fausto: osservare gli oggetti della sua quotidianità e respirare l’atmosfera cara al Campionissimo permettono al visitatore di conoscere il Coppi privato; uno sportivo, un grandissimo personaggio conosciuto in tutto il mondo che, anche nei momenti di maggior celebrità, tornava al paese per ritrovare sé stesso, la famiglia e i vecchi amici. Il museo, oltre a essere il luogo della memoria e degli affetti costituisce inoltre, in apposite stanze dedicate, un pregevole centro di raccolta di materiale documentale, iconografico, filmati, giornali, cimeli e curiosità. Ogni anno, tifosi da tutto il mondo si ritrovano qui per rendere omaggio al Campione Inobliabile, una grande figura umana e sportiva che non conosce confini”.

    Sabato: 14.30 – 18.00 domenica: 10.00 – 12.00; 14.30 – 18.00. Gli altri giorni su appuntamento per gruppi (salvo disponibilità).

    Biglietto unico – ingresso e visita guidata: 4€. Tariffa scontata per i partecipanti a Gran Monferrato Gravel Brevetti.

    Info e prenotazioni: +39 389 8771890 – [email protected] –